Brooke It Forward

The Brooke It Forward Foundation is dedicated to shoebox-sized acts of kindness providing “birthday boxes” to children whose birthdays might otherwise be overlooked due to placement in foster care, displacement as a result of disaster, domestic violence, poverty, or other circumstances.

Shoebox-Sized Acts of Kindness

Providing hundreds of birthday boxes to our Hope House children.

Brooke It Forward is a Foundation in honor of the late Brooke E. Posey. Hope House is a proud partner of the foundation, and as a partner of the Brooke It Forward Foundation, we provide birthday boxes to the children we serve. Often times, our kids aren't able to experience the joy of celebrating their birthdays due to trauma, foster care, or other circumstances. We serve over 400 children a year, and it’s an honor to provide hundreds of birthday boxes to our kids, in honor of Brooke. Brooke It Forward!

A Simple Yet Meaningful Gesture

Parties are fun and games. Birthdays are serious business! Each child’s birthday should be celebrated and held as special.

It creates an atmosphere of valuing each child and creating an environment where each child is special. We recently received 20-new birthday boxes from the Brooke it Forward Foundation. These simple acts of kindness mean the world to our kiddos; we see the biggest smiles when children receive them.

Happiness Included

Happiness is the main ingredient

Each box is equipped with cake mix, frosting, candy, goodies, and a birthday card! It's such a simple yet meaningful gesture.

Get Involved

If you or your organization would like to get involved in creating Brooke It Forward birthday boxes for our children, please let us know. It's a simple yet meaningful way to give back and contribute.

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