Community Partner Spotlight: Chevron

Hope House is honored to announce its new partnership with Chevron, who has empowered our organization with enhanced victim advocacy services, engagement, and referral opportunities for child victims of abuse. In March, Chevron announced a $65,000 grant contribution to assist Hope House in helping children and caregivers receive justice and healing through high quality victim advocacy programming. This funding will be vital in providing the best possible outcomes to children and families across St. Tammany and Washington Parishes.

Hope House’s victim advocacy program ensures caregivers are equipped with the necessary tools and understanding to respond to each child’s unique needs following abuse. Advocates track the case from inception to conclusion, while guiding families throughout the whole process. Advocates ensure each child has access to medical appointments, therapy, and community resources. It’s important that we ensure caregivers don’t feel alone in navigating the court processes and acquisition of resources within the community.

A portion of the Chevron grant will also fund Hope House’s new partnership with Equine Reflections, a local 501(c)3 non-profit organization based in Folsom. Equine Reflection’s mission is to bring horses and humans into a cooperative relationship where intuitive exchanges inspire self-awareness, healing, and growth. Equine Reflections leverages the power of horses to help individuals, families, communities, and organizations thrive. For years, Equine Reflections has helped Hope House children heal and recover through their programs; however, dedicated funding from Chevron will allow for more than 240 unique sessions to take place.

We sat down with Caitlin Hunter, Chevron’s Corporate Affairs Representative, to discuss what supporting Hope House means to the company.

Q: What motivated or compelled Chevron to get involved with Hope House?

A: “Chevron is one of the largest energy producers in the world. We believe our true success, however, is directly tied to the strength and success of the communities where we operate. As part of our efforts locally, we have tremendous partners that work to protect, support and sustain the environment. Chevron has collaborations with organizations and events that stimulate economic growth. We also have educational partnerships that encourage a love of science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) among students, as well as partnerships that provide for the health and well-being of the people in Louisiana and along the Gulf Coast.

Chevron’s focus on health and well-being includes striving to improve the quality of life among children and the elderly. In 2021, CAC Hope House Executive Director Thomas Mitchell shared insight into the non-profit’s efforts through the Northshore Community Foundation’s Chevron Fellows program. Sponsored by Chevron, the Fellows program helps identify key community leaders who serve mission-based organizations and empowers them to make an even greater impact on the region. Thomas’ presentation provided Chevron with a robust overview of CAC Hope House and its numerous charitable endeavors. We quickly saw commonality in our goals to serve children and knew it would be a great partnership.”

Q: How does it feel to know that you’ve helped empower local children, through your giving, with healing and recovery following trauma?

A: “Chevron is so grateful for the opportunity to work with Hope House in St. Tammany and Washington Parishes to help advocate for children who are in difficult situations. We’re also very proud to be a part of a company that gives us the opportunity to make a real difference in the community. But honestly, we get back so much more in return.

We receive inspiration from the amazing children who courageously speak up against their abusers and have the strength to move forward. We also get inspiration from the CAC Hope House’s staff who provide a path to recovery for victims of abuse. Whether it’s forensic interviewing, family advocacy, counseling, or prevention, their team’s services are critical to St. Tammany and Washington Parishes.

So Chevron thanks the Children’s Advocacy Center – Hope House for their partnership. But more so, we thank them for their dedication to children and our community. We also thank them – and they young men and women they serve – for the inspiration they give us each day.”

Q: What is the most striking or impactful thing you’ve noticed about Hope House since starting your relationship with this organization?

A: “The Chevron Way is our organization’s philosophy of doing business summed up in a five word phrase: “Get results the right way”. This provides the foundation for what we value, what we believe and how we behave. Throughout our history, Chevron has been a place where trust, respect and humility define our culture and where performance, truth and accountability guide the way.

We were struck by how CAC Hope House’s approach to assisting those in need closely aligns with the vision and values of the Chevron Way. Hope House approaches each case with great compassion and talks to children and teens at their developmental level. Interviews are neutral and child-friendly and treatment is designed to measurably reduce the impact of trauma. We thank them for their efforts and look forward to continuing our partnership and working with them in the future.”

Q: Can you tell us more about Chevron’s charitable giving and community outreach?

A: “For Chevron, partnership also means becoming personally involved in worthwhile initiatives. Our company is dedicated to promoting volunteerism by giving our workforce the time and resources to lend a helping hand to important causes. Each year, Chevron employees and contractors roll up their sleeves and invest thousands of volunteer hours on the Northshore, in Louisiana and along the Gulf Coast. In our Gulf of Mexico Business Unit Social Investment Report at, you can learn more about the people, programs, projects and partnerships that inspire us and help us fuel the social and economic vitality of our home. Chevron remains committed to being a good neighbor, working with partners like the Children’s Advocacy Center – Hope House, and sharing the community’s concerns in order to create a better future.”