Community Partner Spotlight: Inside Northside

Question & Answer Session with Publisher Lori Murphy

Inside Northside is a Northshore-focused, bi-monthly lifestyle magazine produced by Inside Publications. For the past 34 years, they have created high-quality, locally-focused editorial and reader resources mailed to area homes each month. Their captivating stories focus on local art and culture, interior design, fashion, travel, local events, area history, notable residents, health and fitness, medicine, and more. For years, Inside Northside has been a loyal supporter of Hope House and our various programs and initiatives.

We sat down with Publisher Lori Murphy to discuss what supporting Hope House means to her.

Q: What motivated you to get involved with Hope House?

A: “There can be no assumption of a high quality of life, without care and concern for the children of the families that have given us the growth that the Northshore has enjoyed. We prefer to imagine that child abuse isn’t a serious issue impacting our community, but unfortunately local families are not immune to the challenges children face – across all income levels and backgrounds. Taking care of our children needs to be our highest priority.”

Q: How does it feel to know that you’ve empowered local children through your support?

A: “Inside Northside is so proud to help spread the word about the hard work done by Hope House staff in service of local child abuse victims. Their work deserves the respect and support of the community at large. Children that are cared for after trauma can go on to live healthy and productive lives. Those who do not experience that healing are forced to spend their future in turmoil. As a community, hopefully our investment in abuse intervention will reduce the long-term social and emotional costs of that fear, sadness and pain.”

Q: What is special about Inside Northside’s partnership with Hope House?

A: “Inside Northside has been a long time partner with Hope House, and we have shared numerous features about their programs and projects over the years. Young families have moved here looking for quality education and a welcoming neighborhood life, many of the same aspects of our community that we showcase in our publication. In return, we need to ensure the safety and care of those families through interventional services like those provided through Hope House. They truly help make the Northshore a more safe and welcoming place for families, and we are grateful to them for contributing to that reputation.”

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