Community Partner Spotlight: Integra Healthcare

Hope House is honored to announce its community partnership with Integra Healthcare! Dr. Paul Gordon, Integra Healthcare’s founder, has always believed in giving back to the community. He started the philanthropic arm of Integra Healthcare in June 2018. As a chiropractor, he decided to name his charitable fund, “Integra Gives Back,” with a play on the word “back.” Every year, Dr. Gordon earmarks a certain percentage of his clinic revenues to donate the following calendar year. These funds are donated to 501(c)3 organizations like Hope House. Dr. Gordon has a fellowship in pediatric chiropractic and is always eager to help any child, but especially children in need. Hope House’s mission is very much in line with the vision and goals of Integra Gives Back.

We sat down with Dr. Paul Gordon to discuss what supporting Hope House means to him and his company.

Q: What motivated or compelled Integra Healthcare to get involved with Hope House specifically?

A: “I attended Hope House’s Men Who Cook event as a guest of my friend and banker, Thomas (TJ) Hingle, at the Justice Center last year. I loved the event so much that I became a supporter of the Men Who Cook Team including John Guiterrez. After researching the 501(c)3, I decided to make this organization one that I contribute to yearly.”

Q: How does it feel to know that you’ve helped empower local children, through your giving, with healing and recovery following trauma?

A: “For me, joy comes from helping others. I am particularly passionate about helping children, especially children in need, so supporting Hope House and seeing that our contributions are used where they are needed most truly feels like a gift.”

Q: What is the most striking or impactful thing you’ve noticed about Hope House since starting your relationship with this organization?

A: “The motto of Integra Healthcare is that the ‘patient is our 1st priority as we offer the best chance at optimal healing’ after patients sustain debilitating trauma to their bodies. In order to live up to that motto, we work seven days a week, learning the latest techniques, testing, and rehabilitation strategies to help patients. We travel across the country to attend seminars by leading doctors to learn everything that we can. If a patient requires services outside of our scope of practice, we actively seek the services of specialists, and continue to work with those providers to make certain our patient is getting the best care. It’s a team of interdisciplinary providers advocating for better health for patients.

What struck me about Hope House is that they have an identical passion and philosophy for helping children in need. Hope House utilizes a team of specialists to provide the best possible care for children following instances of abuse, but they also work to connect children and their families with any and all resources necessary to continue that healing journey. Moreover, when I have spoken to volunteers and board members, I see that they also have that passion in their DNA to help and protect vulnerable children. Hope House has the perfect approach that has led to unparalleled success at providing children with the best possible recovery.”

Hope House is so grateful for local businesses like Integra Healthcare, who have taken a stand in the local fight against child abuse. As always, we encourage our community to support local businesses who support our community’s most vulnerable children. You can schedule an appointment with Dr. Paul Gordon of Integra Healthcare at (985) 778-2036 or by visiting their website