Community Partner Spotlight: SpineCare Chiropractic


Question & Answer Session with SpineCare Chiropractic

Spinecare Chiropractic (formerly Northlake Spinecare) has made a name for themselves on the Northshore, offering the best in professional chiropractic services within our community for over six years. They treat common symptoms including neck pain, back pain, and headaches through patient education, adjustments, passive therapy, and rehabilitation. It’s easy to say that Spinecare Chiropractic is making a positive impact in healing spines across our community, but they are also making a difference by empowering healing for child survivors of abuse. As a Champion-level Hero Community Partner, they’ve sponsored the healing journeys at Hope House for over 5 years and raised more than $63,000 for our mission! We sat down with Dr. Brandon Broadus and Angela Broadus, RN to discuss more on what supporting Hope House means to their practice.

What motivated you to get involved with Hope House?

“When we first opened our practice, we wanted to partner with a local charity and we just weren’t sure which charity to choose. We called around to a lot of non-profits, we started out with larger non-profits – and we just didn’t get that good feeling we needed, so we started reaching out to smaller organizations. We spoke with the staff at Hope House, and they were so sweet and so welcoming – it just felt comfortable and right. They gave us a tour of the facility and we just felt comfortable with them. We knew we were going to donate a significant amount of money, and we wanted to make sure it was going to the right place and make sure the majority of the money would be going to the cause as opposed to administrative fees like some of the larger non-profits. Hope House is a great fit for us, personality wise, but also what you guys do. We know it’s making a difference” – Dr. Brandon Broadus

“Initially, our plan was to pick a new beneficiary every year, but then we just became attached to the mission of Hope House! Prior to becoming involved, I didn’t realize the need for services was so great within our community. After the first year, Brandon asked me who we planned on selecting for the following year,and I’m like HOPE HOUSE!” -Angela Broadus, RN, Practice Representative

How does it feel to know that you’ve empowered countless children, through your giving, with healing and recovery following trauma?

“It’s great, it feels wonderful. We have two kids of our own and my philosophy on kids is that adults can make their own decisions; however, children often get placed in situations that they can’t control, so I’ve always wanted to help children and give back in some way. What we do with the $20 donation is a win-win. When a new patient comes in, we ask them to donate $20 for the new patient exams, the x-rays, and then report the findings to review. We help the new patient identify the cause for their concern and develop a treatment plan, and Hope House receives a donation to further their mission” – Dr. Brandon Broadus

Did you all develop that program or did you hear about it somewhere else?

“We had some friends within the field doing it out-of-state, so we thought that’s a pretty good idea right now and it was a good fit for us. We wanted to make a difference in our community, so it made sense to start the program” – Dr. Brandon Broadus

What makes SpineCare Chiropractic unique and exceptional?

“First of all, we have 5-star service. We want our patients coming in and feeling loved from Day 1. We treat them as if they are at The Ritz-Carlton, we want them to come in and have a positive chiropractic experience. The majority of the population that’s never had chiropractic care, often don’t think about chiropractic care for neck pain, back pain, and headaches – so we’re trying to change that perception. Our patients experience a better quality of life and increased mobility. One way patients benefit is with the $20 initial donation, they really get a breakdown of what’s happening – why they’re having neck pain or back pain, resulting in a better understanding than if they went into an Urgent Care. The difference is that we teach them how to take care of themselves long-term, and in that way, they’re not a revolving door coming in with the same problem. We will show our patients the right way to experience a healthier and more enjoyable lifestyle with chiropractic care. Our patients tell us they really love coming to their appointments!” – Dr. Brandon Broadus

To schedule an appointment with the professionals at SpineCare Chiropractic, call (985) 400-5300 or visit their website