Hope House Partnership for Local Forensic Medical Exams

We’re excited to announce that on July 19th, Hope House will begin a new program by offering family advocacy and accompaniment for forensic medical examinations at the Children’s Hospital-Northshore Center in Covington. It’s less than two miles away from Hope House!

Forensic medical examinations are an integral part of ensuring a child’s optimal recovery and well-being, as well as serving as a major asset in strengthening investigations with key evidence. Dr. Paige Culotta, a board-certified physician specializing in child abuse pediatrics, will be providing these examinations. Prior to this initiative, all forensic medical examinations took place at the Audrey Hepburn CARE Center/NOCAC in New Orleans. With this new integration, the family advocate that was present during the forensic interview will also be the one providing advocacy during the forensic medical exam. By providing these services on the Northshore, our families will have better access to collecting forensic evidence- significantly decreasing transportation challenges, and increasing the probability of achieving justice. The examinations are always free of charge for families.
Hope House’s newest Family Advocate, Heather Denenea, will have the primary role of coordinating and assisting families with their forensic medical appointments. “It’s really exciting to help families one step further, in their path towards healing and recovery. It’s going to add continuity in their services and result in more children receiving higher quality services” Denenea said.
It’s through the generosity of the In Jesus’ Name Foundation that has made this possible.