Staff Member

Thomas Mitchell, LPC-S, NCC

Executive Director

As Executive Director of Hope House, Thomas oversees all of the organization’s operations and works to ensure that everything runs smoothly and functions well. He is responsible for developing and sustaining strong working relationships with Hope House’s collaborative partners, including the District Attorney, Sheriffs, Police Chiefs, DCFS and others. As a director, Thomas’s goal is that every child who walks through the doors of Hope House will receive the absolute best professional support during their CAC experience. “In all that we do, we want them to feel safe. When they walk through our doors, they are beginning their journey towards justice and recovery, and feeling safe is a vital prerequisite for that journey,” Thomas says. “My job also entails community outreach and fund development. I really want our community to know that Hope House makes the Northshore safer and stronger.”

When asked about his favorite part of working at Hope House, Thomas responded:
“I think, just seeing the transformation. Seeing kids come in for their interview. They are often inhibited, resistant, scared and anxious. When they see the buttons for bravery bowl, they immediately realize they are not alone. After the interview, you can just kind of feel this peace, this hard to describe tranquility – like a 40-pound weight has just been lifted off their back. The child then picks out a teddy bear that is unique and comforting to him/her. When they walk out holding their bear and looking relieved, I just feel so privileged to be a part of this. We also immediately enroll them in advocacy and therapy, and then we see them return each week for their therapy session. It’s so common to see our kids bouncing up and down the halls, getting a snack and juice, and laughing with their therapists. The child is experiencing being a kid again. They are experiencing safety again. That is, without a doubt, the best part of my job. It’s our job to ensure that the child is placed on the right trajectory, to experience joy, happiness, peace, and most importantly, childhood.”

Thomas received his Master of Arts in Psychological Counseling and his Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Nicholls State University. He is certified as a Trust-Based Relational Interventions® Educator and Practitioner from the TCU Institute of Child Development. He is also a Board Certified Clinician in Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (Allegheny Health Network), a National Children’s Advocacy Center Certified Forensic Interviewer, a Licensed Professional Counselor (LA and TN), and a National Board Certified Counselor.

Thomas began his CAC career as a clinical therapist at the Carl Perkins Centers’ network of Children’s Advocacy Centers in 2013. After two years of employment, he was named Director of Clinical Services, overseeing 13 trauma counselors across West Tennessee. In 2017, he departed to become the Executive Director of CAC - Hope House. Prior to his work within West Tennessee CACs, Thomas worked as an Adoption Therapist at Agape Child and Family Services in Memphis. In this role, he provided direct support for foster families adopting through the Department of Children & Family Services.

Outside of work, Thomas loves spending time with his family. He lives in Covington with his beautiful wife and three amazing children. Thomas is an avid runner, and also enjoys sailing on Lake Pontchartrain. A music enthusiast, Thomas’s favorite composer is Max Richter, who composes pieces of music which make one think during the composition. Thomas’s favorite psychologist is Stanley Milgram, whose work in the field of social psychology yielded a profound influence on his interest in the field.

Thomas Mitchell, LPC-S, NCC