Virtual Donor Wall

It is only through the generosity of our donors that we are able to restore hope and healing for child victims of abuse. Hope House values each and every donation we receive.  We regard our individual and corporate donors as key supporters who invest in our mission of ending the cycle of child abuse in our community while providing a path to recovery and a bridge to justice for victims of abuse. Due to the generosity of our community partners, our mission becomes a reality for children. The Virtual Donor Wall acknowledges our valued Community Partnerships for an annual term. At each giving level, donors receive recognition associated with their philanthropic leadership and strengthened commitment to our mission.

Giving Level: $5,000

Paul and Carrie Dennis William and Mary Davis Family Foundation

Giving Level: $3,000

Jim and Gretchen Yancey   Lakeview Regional Medical Center - Covington Hospital & ER

Giving Level: $1,000

Todd and Norma Richard

New Mexico Educational Retirement Board Sells 600 Shares ...  Junior League
Greater Covington

Joseph and Stephanie Leimkuhler

June Davisson

Giving Level: $500

  • DocuCenter
  • Nagy Engineers, Inc.
  • Jamie Gabourel
  • Ron Kelmel
  • Stephanie Berault
  • Kumon Math and Reading
  • Knights of Columbus St. Luke
  • Olivia and Steve Simpson
  • Wal-Mart
  • Stephen and Terry Saux
  • Susan Adams
  • Richard Crane
  • Holly Boullion
  • OffenderWatch
  • Harvey and Mooney O'Neill
  • Smith and Core Real Estate
  • Pheobe Whealdon (Hero)
  • The Al and Diane Kramer Foundation
  • Ballard Brands
  • Welcome Mat Home Staging
  • Selene Eagan-Tingle State Farm
  • CarMax
  • Frank and Judy Caponegro

Many thanks to all of our community partners. Your support works to stop the cycle of abuse in our communities and provides a pathway to recovery and a bridge to justice for child victims of abuse.